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Work Life Balance

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Work Life Balance

For a lot of people, the pursuit of a healthy work/life balance seems like an impossible goal. So many of us are torn between juggling heavy workloads, developing relationships, managing family responsibilities, and maybe squeezing in some outside interests; it’s no surprise that many people are “super stressed”.

Three things I do to help elevate stress are:

1.Setting manageable goals each day:

I create a to-do list and take care of important tasks first then eliminate unessential ones. I also ask for help when necessary.

2.Being efficient with my time:

whenever I’m faced with a big project at work or at home, I start by dividing it into smaller tasks. Complete the first one before moving on to the next.

3.Tune in:

I listen to my favorite music, either in the car or in the background at work. I really feel it helps foster concentration, reduces stress and stimulates creativity.

March was a very busy month for me.

Busy but good busy! During Christmas break we planned our next trip and decided during the March break we would visit my family in Toronto for a few weeks and take a one-week trip to the Dominican Republic…

What a great idea?

Yes, the time with my family and friends was amazing. We celebrated my Dads 70th birthday, my Mom’s 69th Birthday and Easter all together.

The 1-week in the Dominican was really nice. This was our first trip away from our two kids. I think it took my wife a bit longer than me to adjust but after a few days we were really enjoying ourselves.

Besides travelling I was able to visit all our rental properties.

I had to evict a tenant recently and was in the process of cleaning the place, some small repairs and re-leasing the unit out. For most of the other properties I either stopped by to say hello to the tenants or simply did a quick drive by.

Update on the 9-plex:

as I shared in a previous post we had to evict almost every tenant once we took possession. We have been doing extensive renovations and as I write this all the residential units have been upgraded and are all rented out!

Along with renovating inside each unit we had to replace all the windows and redoing the entire roof. That has been challenging due to the constant changing weather, but we are thankfully just about there.

As challenging as it may sound, I believe investing in income properties is the best way to reach financial independence. Reach out to me via email for any help or questions you may have with all things real estate.

I’m here to help!

Until next time…be well.