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My Passion for Real Estate

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Hey it’s Thomas Lorini,

Last month I celebrated my 41st birthday.

How does the saying go…”your only as old as you feel”

Well I still feel young and exuberant…

But as the day approached I started thinking about all the things that have happened in my life. I went for a long drive down the 405 freeway and began to think about all the people in my life, how I ended up here and what I do for a living.

Okay, I only went a few miles… we’ve all been there before… but I digress.

On this drive, I started to think about how thankful I am for where I am today…thankful for my family, our health, our home, and that we have been blessed with so much.

And then I started to think about all the families that I’ve met and the ones I have been able to help turn their dreams into reality.

I am so thankful that I am doing something I really enjoy and am truly passionate for.

My passion for real estate started when I purchased my first home when I was 25, moving out of my parents home, renovating it and decorated it the way I wanted. Definitely something I won’t soon forget!

Real estate excites me and I feel truly blessed to be able to help others with all their real estate needs. From purchasing their first home, selling their forever home, to finding their next investment property. 

My passion for real estate has led me to co-host a monthly real estate meetup held at the Irvine Hotel every month. 

It is a free event where I share my experiences investing in real estate since 2004. The good, the bad and the ugly of being an owner, investor and landlord.

I invite you all to come check it out.

Free information and a networking opportunity for those who are considering utilizing real estate to retire early.

Until next time, l encourage you all to live passionately!

Thomas Lorini.

Earlier this past month I took my son Roman on a 10-day trip to Canada. Our kids attend year-round school, so we are fortunate to get a Fall break each year. This trip was a combination of family fun and business!

I was excited to show my son what I’ve been working on over the past number years. He was very young when we moved to California and since that time we went from owning 2 rental properties to now owning 21 units! And that is not including all the flips and wholesale deals I’ve done in between.

From rentals to flips he’s starting to understand the value of investing in income producing assets. We talk about the difference between being a landlord and a tenant and how our tenants are paying for our future benefit.  Delayed gratification [although challenging] is so important to implement at a young age, especially in this “instant” world we live in.

Picture of our 9-unit mixed-used building that has undergone a complete transformation. From evictions to renovations, we did a tremendous amount of work on this building. Happy to say that we’ve rented out 8 of 9 units for amazing cash-flow and should have the final unit completed soon.

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