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Do You Believe In Financial Freedom?

By 25 March, 2019 No Comments

Spring Market Has Arrived!

Its that time of the year again, the hills are dazzling green, the trees are budding new leaves and the flowers are opening up their pedals for the first time. The season is changing and so is the market!

Housing has been accelerating all year and is officially at full speed. It took time as we started off at a slight Buyers market. The market has improved since rates have come down to the 4.35% mark resulting in more buyers coming out and increasing demand by 91% since January.

The expected time for homes on the market has come down positioning the market in a slight Sellers market, however we are not seeing rapid appreciation and multiple offers situation like early last year or year prior.

If you are considering selling we are fast approaching the Best week to list a home March 31st – April 6th according to

I was recently invited to speak at OREC (Ontario Real Estate Conference) in Windsor, Ontario where approximately 250 investors attended to network and learn various strategies of investing in real estate.

Many of you follow me on Social Media and see my passion for real estate investing. I purchased my first property in 2004 and quickly placed a tenant in the basement that paid my mortgage. From that moment on, I realized the power of real estate. 

Most of us are taught to save your money in a 401k and invest in stocks and mutual funds. However to me, that is not the way to create financial wealth. 

In my experience, Income Properties, are the BEST and safest way to create true financial freedom.

What other investment can offer 5 different income streams?

If you are interested to learn more about income properties or ready to invest now, lets find time to talk. I am investing in several markets across the nation and can offer you tremendous value. I can help you identify opportunities locally in SoCal and in various states that offer significant cash-flow for a relatively small investment.

Private Financing Is Available 30 years locked at 6%

Do you know your Financial Freedom Date?

Reaching financial freedom is like any other destination, it comes down to knowing how to get there. Most people don’t know how to reach the destination of financial freedom and many don’t even believe it exists for them!

Is your retirement plan to live off your life savings?
Do you know how long your savings will last?
Do you know what your monthly expenses will be at retirement?
Do you know how to create the necessary income to cover your expenses at retirement?

I can help you create a plan. I won’t charge for my time or try sell you anything.
In fact I’m willing to help clients by offering to partner with them on som deals.

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