Thomas was a quintessential professional. He drove with us through 3 counties over 2 weekends and was pleasant and helpful every step of the way. He offered advice when asked and gave opinions with respect. I truly enjoyed every minute of his help, and I think he was pivotal to us finding our home here in California.

Jonathan Barone
Irvine, CA

I recently closed on my very first rental property and I couldn’t have done it without Thomas! He was very patient, responsive, and supportive throughout the whole process. The realtor I worked with previously was rushing and pressuring me to put in a offer on just any property, but Thomas was not like that. I fully believe he had my best interest in mind. I often ask him for his opinion and advice and he was always there to help me which I really appreciate. Even when things were moving fast and there was a lot of back and forth with the seller, Thomas was on it and kept the process moving. I would highly recommend using Thomas to buy your next investment property or home. You will not be disappointed!

Arvind Sandhu
Irvine, CA

We’ve been looking for a house for 6 month with other agent’s, some how we lost interested with the last agent’s, after we higher Thomas we found our dream home in three days, first offer we got the house he’s so professional and helpful
Thanks Thomas

Ahlam Hamida
Irvine, CA

I’ve known Thomas for few years now, we talked a lot about real estate, so I knew who to call when we decided to buy our own home. He was very responsive to all questions and had some great insight about the properties we toured. He built rapport with the seller’s agent, so we got a good deal – even though the market is crazy nowadays. Great service for sure. Make sure you give him a call if you are selling/buying in OC or even in the greater LA area.

Ferenc Spala
Los Angeles, CA

Thomas helped us buy our first home in Huntington Beach, in a very competitive setting. He worked to understand what we were looking for, but the real magic came when we submitted our offer. He developed a repport with the seller’s agent and got our deal accepted when the seller’s had many to choose from. He then guided us through a tight escrow period with clarity and confidence. You want somebody like Thomas representing you, plain and simple.

Jake Grenier
Huntington Beach, CA

Thomas was incredible to work with! He was very responsive and communicated well throughout the home buying process. He took the time to explain things as they came up and to build a good relationship with the seller’s agent, which made the process go very smoothly when communicating back and forth. We will look forward to having him as our real estate agent in the future!

Lisa Altenberger
Irvine, CA

Thomas helped me purchase my first home! From the first call, to meeting Thomas Lorini in person, I knew he was the right realtor. He made helpful suggestions to get my offer accepted in such a tough market. Along with professional communication with not just myself, but the listing agent as well. I will use Thomas for any other future property purchases and listings, and suggest you do as well.
Oh and also, thanks for the awesome card in the mail after finally getting moved in!!!

Christian Corwin
Irvine, CA

Thomas is an awesome agent! He helped me find my first place to rent. He answered all my questions and emails promptly throughout the whole transaction. I will definitely use him again in the future! He is extremely easy to work with and very knowledgeable in the real estate market. I even started attending his REAL ESTATE WEALTH ACADEMY meet up group in which he offers his time and knowledge to help others understand real estate investing. He truly cares about his clients and helping others. Highly recommended!

Joseph C
Irvine, CA

Thomas is not just a great Realtor, he is also a great mentor and an educated real estate investor!

As a new real estate investor, I found it difficult to find genuine people in this industry, that are actually willing to take the time out of their day to discuss your goals and help you stratagize… that is until I met Thomas.

Thomas genuinely cares about your success and wants to help you succeed… for example, last month Thomas was able to help me structure a deal that provided me with 160k in instant equity!
Everytime I have a real estate related question or concern I know I can always turn to Thomas for council!

So whether you are looking for a great realtor or a great mentor, Thomas is your guy!

Tre Lucas
Irvine, CA

Always such a pleasure to speak to and work with Thomas in regards to any investment questions, ideas, or opportunities I come across. He is definitely one of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy professionals in the business. I highly recommend him to anyone out there interested in investing and/or real estate. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️‼️

Rod Grishaber
Irvine, CA

Thomas is an awesome agent! He helped me find my first place to rent. He answered all my questions and emails promptly throughout the whole transaction. I will definitely use him again in the future! He is extremely easy to work with and very knowledgeable in the real estate market. I even started attending his REAL ESTATE WEALTH ACADEMY meet up group in which he offers his time and knowledge to help others understand real estate investing. He truly cares about his clients and helping others. Highly recommended!

Nicole Stamegna
Irvine, CA

Thomas has been extremely generous in lending me a hand in my journey as a new real estate investor. Within our first conversation he went as far as introducing me to his personal contacts. Thomas has continued to offer assistance on an ongoing basis. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a realtor!

Danish Abbasi
Irvine, CA

Thomas is EXTREMELY knowledgeable when it comes to anything real estate! He is very easy to talk to and will definitely lead you in the right direction whether you are looking to invest, or looking to purchase your main dwelling. I would highly recommend Thomas to anyone in the investing side or personal home purchasing!

Josh Alice
Irvine, CA

As an investor himself, Thomas is extremely knowledgeable about real estate. He was able to guide me through the most difficult purchase I’ve ever made. After the bank missed the closing deadline, Thomas stayed with it and continued to manage the seller’s agent to ensure we could close. He was also able to get me a great discount and credits toward my closing costs. I highly recommend Thomas for any real estate transaction in the Southern California market.

Elijah Brown
Irvine, CA

Thank you Thomas for helping us purchasing our new home. Thomas was very professional, easy to work with, always patient, and attentive with all my questions. He could make deals happen and go smoothly. It was a pleasure and nice to work with Thomas. We would refer his services to our friends and families.

Thao Pham
Irvine, CA

Thomas is a tremendous real estate industry resource. He is incredibly generous with his time, knowledge, and resources. He has kindly helped me with refinancing, finding contractors, evaluating comps, and investment property. I continue to learn more from him through his monthly academy workshop. Thomas is always a phone call away. I look forward to doing more work with him soon.

Todd Van Etten
Irvine, CA

Thomas did a fantastic job of listening to my desires, educating me on the current real estate market and being a partner in the search/buying process! He has a good balance of taking action to close the deal and being patient if the property or deal is not just right. So grateful to have him as my realtor!!

Evan Cox
Irvine, CA

Thomas was a pleasure to work with. He has helped me in acquiring rental properties. His knowledge of the neighbourhoods, years of experience and his superb negotiation skills mean he will get the job done and will get you the best deal.

Zyrene Urlanda
Irvine, CA

My experience with Thomas was both in friendship and as a real estate agent.We met at a Meetup group, we hit it off, he understood whatwe were looking for. We worked with Thomas since last year falland we had 2 properties under escrow with him.The 1st didnt not work out, Thomas was not pushy nor was he unrealistic. We waited for the right deal and we bought our first Home with Thomas. Will work with him again!

Francisco Franco
Irvine, CA

“Thomas is a very opportunistic individual. He is always focusing on different strategies to assist in growth in your portfolio and general knowledge of real estate.”

Omar M
Irvine, CA

“Thomas comes with a wealth of information on investing and real estate for not only local markets, but nationally as well. His drive to stay current on housing trends and changes is impressive, and his personal investment successes make me trust his advice as a client. His passion for his work is what will consistently prove Thomas to be a leader in this industry.”

Tania L
Toronto, Canada

“Thomas is an experienced real estate professional and businessman who understands the importance of delivering value to those around him. He shares valuable lessons learned through years of experience with those around him to help them reach their goals. In addition to being knowledgeable he’s kind, which makes him easy to learn from, work with, and be around!”

Ian P
Niagara Falls, Canada

“Thomas helped me tremendously when I needed guidance and advice on how to start my journey as a real estate investor. Besides encouraging and motivating me to get started, he has also introduced me to his contacts. In fact, I’ve already closed on a property with the agent he hooked me up with and we are working on our second one right now.

Ferenc S
Irvine, CA

“In a world where it is hard to trust just anyone, Thomas provided me with great relief and salvation in which I could be fully comfortable with doing business with him. He gives one confidence and security and goes above and beyond to educate others enough to know everything they need to know and more in regards to real estate and more. Thomas will take more than needed out of his time to make sure you are more than satisfied than you thought you could be, and fully deliver in all aspects and leave you wanting to do business with him again and again. As I said, I couldn’t be happier with Thomas and his practices, and my only regret is that I hadn’t known him any sooner. Cheers!”

Abdullah I
Los Angeles, CA

“I’m a budding real estate investor and Thomas is one of the first people I always ask for advice. He is very knowledgeable and up-to-date about the market. With years of experience in being an agent and an investor, he knows how to handle every situation that may arise in a transaction. He is highly professional and will always act on your best interest. One of the most reliable people I’ve met!”

Mark M
Irvine, CA

“Thomas has extensive experience in buying/selling properties, property management and property value-add activities, he is generous in sharing his resources and professional pillars with me, and very helpful in making connections with the resources I need!”

Minna Hu
San Francisco, CA

“Thomas is very experienced and savvy in what he does: real estate investment. I am a new real estate investor/agent and I was never his client, however, he generously shared his knowledge with me and spares no effort whenever I asked him for advices. He doesn’t sugarcoat things and always tells the truth. I definitely recommend Thomas as a real estate investment expert, a mentor, and a reliable friend. ”

Kiera H

“Thomas combines local knowledge and experience from his expansive rental portfolio to provide unparalleled insight to the Orange County housing market. Thomas meticulously combs through each potential property, as if he were going to add them to his personal portfolio, providing an unparalleled buying experience.”

Jon Chen
Orange, CA

“I met Thomas through the Vegas Entrepreneur Experience back in November 2018. As a younger investor, Thomas has been a good role model for me and has kept me motivated to keep pushing myself to do better. He is a very knowledgeable Realtor/Investor, and has always helped me whenever I needed the help. I see Thomas being very successful in the years to come, and I am excited to see what the future holds for him. Thank you Thomas.”

Tyler L

“I would like to share my experience with Thomas he helped me close on my 4 unit building. Thomas was always available to answer any questions I had. He made my purchase process very easy for me and his knowledge is awesome. I never felt nervous with Thomas I knew he would get the job done he is a great agent and a friend thank you Thomas.”

Juan Gomez
Los Angeles,CA

“Thomas is the most knowledgeable and helpful realtor I know…and I’ve worked with many through the years. He is dedicated to helping people find or sell their home, while, negotiating the best price for them.”

Theresa Stamegna
Irvine, CA

“Thomas is an honest, kind, hardworking sharp realtor who will do what it takes to serve your Real Estate needs! He is a real estate investor and has first hand experience on what buyers and sellers need in today’s market! I recommend Thomas wholeheartedly!”

Elena Radosavcev
Agoura Hills

“We were looking for a condo or a house that would fit our needs. Thomas guided us through the whole process. He helped us find the dream house.
What we loved most about Thomas is:
1. He is a godly man witch means he stands by his word.
2. He did not pressure us into buying just any house. He helped us finding the right one that fits all of our needs. The house that we can happily call our dream home 🏡
3. He was with us throughout the whole process, helping us understand how it works. ( it can get very confusing if you don’t have the right realtor.)
4. He was patient with us.

Overall, if you’re looking for that dream home I definitely recommend Thomas Lorini 💯

Andreea Stoicescu

“Thomas is a straightforward, top-notch realtor … highly experienced in both sides of the buying and selling of real estate … thinks outside the box when he needs to, and gets the job done.”

Jack Booth
Hamilton, Ontario

“I would highly recommend Thomas as your realtor! My husband and I have been looking to buy a home for almost 12 years but we always seemed to miss the right opportunities and/or we weren’t financially ready. We had met with several realtors in the past, but with Thomas he gave us “hope”. We felt like he had our best interest at heart, and that was very important to us!”

Eileen Ventura
Irvine, CA

“I am a lender with New American Funding and just closed a deal last week with Thomas for a family of first time homebuyers. Like many first time buyers they were understandably trepidatious as buying a home is a huge commitment. Thomas was excellent in giving them the personal attention they needed to put them at ease. He was an excellent and communicative advocate for the family that was able to immediately get answers to any questions and concerns they had. As a result the family got into there first home with no money down, no money out of pocket for closing costs, and no issues of any sort.
I can’t recommend Thomas enough and guarantee that should you choose him to represent your real estate interests, you will be very happy with that choice.”

Shane Ian Gilmore
Mission Viejo,CA

“Thomas is a remarkable Real Estate expert. He is very knowledgeable on wide range of real estate subjects; such as buy/sell, flip/investment and property management. As a valued leader of Club 500, he helps many members reaching their dream by sharing his own experience. Through his presentations, I learned many real estate investment strategies, the do & don’t, exit plan and etc. Thomas understands the Millennials and their lifestyle. He encourages homeownership and out of state investment to help others reaching financial freedom. ”

Dang T

“By far the best realtor you can ever have. He cares for your investment and is with you every step of the way. My situation was a struggle because i’m young but Thomas did not take a no for an answer and worked hard for me to get the home of my dreams. As a 23 year old buying a brand new 2019 structure home. He is just amazing. Don’t go to anyone else but him. Forever thankful for him.”

Chelly Gamez
San Jacinto, CA

“Thomas is professional with servant heart bigger than Texas. His Application of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of Real Estate delivers results.”

Batta Vujicic
Prime Realty

“Working with Thomas is a pleasure. Thomas is a professional and quite responsive.”

Brian Berg
Rylex Insurance

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